Update - 21/05/2020

We are very much nearing covering all of the requests and have now purchased enough material to cover everyone! The lovely machinists are set to be finished in the next two weeks. 

As we have reached a natural end, we have decided to close the fundraiser and the scrubs/gowns requests on our website. 

Our goal has always been to bridge the gap until PPE can be provided through the normal channels, speaking to official NHS bodies we learned that at the beginning of June - just as we will be finishing the last batches of fabric - this supply chain will be up and running and our efforts will no longer be required. 

This goal seemed unachievable but thanks to all of your hard work we have made a real difference to health and care workers in Scotland during this incredibly difficult time. 

We appreciate that a number of people have purchased fabric and are still making scrubs. To facilitate this we are opening up our Facebook group to requests. Health and care workers still needing scrubs will be able to post their request and makers connect with them directly to fulfil. You can find the Facebook group here.

Thank you, again, to everyone involved. We raised an incredible £45000 not including private donations and self funded machinists, and engaged with so many people over the last few months. A huge thank you to machinists, cutters, drivers and coordinators who are still working very hard on finishing the last of the fabric into beautiful scrubs. We'll update again in a few weeks with final numbers and information!

Holly, Maja & Clare x

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