Frequently Asked Questions

I registered as a machinist, should I have been contacted?
Yes. Our first round of calls and emails is complete and everyone should have received a call or an email. If you did not receive a call, we will not be sending you fabric in this first batch but this does not mean we will not get you involved as soon as we can. 
Can I still register as a machinist?
No. We are no longer accepting registrations. This may change and we will communicate this via the website and Facebook group. 
How did you/are you choosing machinists?
We decided that the fairest way to allocate material to machinists was in order of location (per need of the hospital) and then how much experience/how many sets they could make in a week. It's important that, particularly at the beginning of this campaign, we get as many sets of scrubs to the NHS as quickly as we possibly can. 
Are you making other items such as masks, caps and laundry bags?
No. We are not coordinating the effort to make these however we are happy to distribute caps and bags along with our scrubs to minimise contact at hospitals. If you wish for us to arrange a no contact collection/delivery then please complete the form here.
We are not making or distributing masks.
Can I donate scrubs through you if I buy the fabric myself?
Yes. Much like the caps and bags, we are happy to organise a no contact collection/delivery for scrubs and get them to where they need to be. Please complete the form here.
What kind of fabric should I buy?
All of the details for fabric requirements, including where to buy the fabric we are using, are here.
Can you tell me if a specific fabric is suitable?
Unfortunately not. We are all volunteers and already have a lot of organising to do. We do not have the resources to be commenting on specific fabrics. All of the details for fabric requirements are here, please use your best judgement.
Can I buy fabric from you?
Not from us, but you can buy the fabric we are using from here.
Can I get a pattern from you?
Not directly. We are using the Sew Different pattern available here. Unfortunately we cannot send out paper patterns.
Can I request scrubs?
Yes. Fill in the form here with as much detail as you can.
Can I buy scrubs?
No. We are donating scrubs, not selling them so unfortunately being willing to pay does not mean we can get them to you any quicker. We appreciate any and all donations through our GoFundMe and we will do our best to fulfil all requests. 
Can I contact the coordinator in my area?
No, not directly. Please use the contact details at the bottom of the website (on every page) to direct your query to where it is best suited. Our coordinators are extremely busy and aren't best placed to answer most questions. 
Are you sure that the NHS can accept donated scrubs?
We are. We've spoken to every hospital and medical facility in advance of making for them to find out the specifics of what they need and can accept.  

Get in Touch

When getting in touch, please remember that we are volunteers and this is a huge undertaking, we may not be able to reply straight away. To help us best organise our time and resources, please direct your question in the most appropriate manner.