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The response, all across Scotland, when we For the love of Scrubs was launched, as been incredible. Within the first 24 hours of launching NHS Scotland - For the Love of Scrubs we received over 1,500 contact forms from machinists all over the country, both professionals and enthusiasts which was absolutely incredible.

Due to this, we currently have significantly more machinists than we do fabric and we have tried to prioritise in the fairest possible way, based on experience and expected output. 

We love that so many people want to help and we want to get as many people involved as possible so we are not deleting anyone's information and will call on as many as we possibly can but we are no longer accepting volunteer applications for machinists. 

However, if you can source/fund your own fabric we would love for you to get involved and we will help as much as we possibly can. Unfortunately, we cannot help you find fabric that is suitable. 


The guidance that we have from NHS Scotland is that for hospital grade scrubs the fabric must be - 

100% Cotton or 65/35% Polycotton

Between 140 and 190gpm

Colours are not hugely important, we have had hospitals tell us they'll accept anything, but plain is best and we try to stick to 'traditional' hospital colours - blue, black, bottle green. 

There are other NHS services which will accept lower grade fabric. All that we ask is that it is not see through. Please use your best judgement on this.

The fabric that we have been using is available here through our good friend and huge supporter Fabric Bazaar who have helped no end in this process. This is by no means the only acceptable fabric but it is the only one that we can vouch for as having used. 


The pattern that we are using is available here from Sew Different. We are not affiliated with them so unfortunately cannot provide any help with the website or issue there. We have made a few adjustments to the pattern in that the side pockets in the trousers are not required and only one back pocket.

We cannot provide paper scrubs patterns.


In order to minimise contact at the hospitals and GP surgeries, we're asking that you contact us to organise collection and distribution of scrubs. We ask that you do not contact hospitals or surgeries yourself to avoid the duplication of work and taking up more precious NHS time. You can request collection here.



The best thing you can do for us, right now, is to share our fundraiser. The more money we get, the more scrubs we can make and the most people we can help. Share it with your friends, your family, people you don't really like, celebrities that you fancy - whatever. Maybe they'll even message you back and you can get a warm fuzzy feeling about it. It's worth it just for that, I promise. 

At the moment we do not need drivers, coordinators or any other admin resources. 

Get in Touch

When getting in touch, please remember that we are volunteers and this is a huge undertaking, we may not be able to reply straight away. To help us best organise our time and resources, please direct your question in the most appropriate manner.